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About Eurovan Trading FMCG Products

Founded in 2000, Eurovan Trading has taken a distinctive approach to providing comprehensive shipping and trade services. Our headquarters are in Egypt, and our branches extend globally. We excel in FMCG Trading, serving as importers, exporters, and distributors for various countries. Offering more than 15,000 brands within the Industry sector, we stand out in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Trading. Moreover, we are one of the fastest-growing consumer goods companies in the Middle East, exporting to over 40 countries. Our focus on Consumer Packaged Goods Trading helps us bridge the gap between real producers and permanent consumers.

Our Vision

We believe companies thrive when they set clear and targeted future plans. Therefore, we aim to be a unified system that prides itself on continuous development, growth, and innovation. Our responsibility extends to satisfying customers, consumers, shareholders, and the community inside and outside Egypt. By enhancing our team’s performance, we strive to achieve better and more sophisticated customer satisfaction. Consequently, our links with the markets will strengthen. Through our strong relationships with distributors worldwide, we offer the best products to our customers, excelling in Retail Goods Trading.

Our Mission

We aim to be your first reliable source for exporting your products globally. Our focus on trust and reliability ensures seamless transactions and long-term partnerships. As a leading FMCG Trading Company, we commit to delivering excellence in every aspect of trade.

Our FMCG Trading Services

Eurovan Trading, with over 20 years of experience, specializes in importing and exporting food goods, groceries, hygiene tools, household items, and laundry products. We are experts in trading consumer goods from famous brands worldwide, working with 40 countries across different continents. Our expertise in CPG Trading and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Trading ensures we meet the diverse needs of our clients.

CPG Trading

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Trading for Export

At Eurovan Trading, we excel in exporting products that are in demand in over 40 countries. Spanning the globe, from Egypt to North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and The Middle East. We are actively expanding our global presence. Our continuous pursuit of development helps us gain the trust of our customers and consumers. We support brand enhancement through scientific methods, research, and understanding consumer needs. We export products in cooperation with agents and distributors in Egypt and various countries worldwide, utilizing both land and sea transport. Our extensive experience in Consumer Packaged Goods Trading ensures efficient and reliable service.

Quality CPG Products

Our extensive experience in global exports allows us to provide consumer goods at competitive prices. We strive to meet the demands of all stakeholders in the coming years. Eurovan Trading has achieved significant milestones in exporting and delivering goods safely and quickly. We are the first choice among global shipping agents. Our team delivers high-level services and maintains strong relationships, driven by our long experience in exporting. Our role as a leading CPG Trading Company and FMCG Trading Company, pushes us towards excellence in global trade.